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I GOT PLASTIC SURGERY And Instantly Regret It🩸💉| Piper Rockelle 

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Shalom bbys it’s Piper Rockelle! Hope your day is great but better watching I got plastic surgery and instantly regret it. Today I went to visit my new friend Dr. Kay. She is one of the top plastic surgeons in Los Angeles! Dr.Kay is going to help me gain some of my confidence back by giving me some botox, liquid rhinoplasty and of course lip fillers. I haven’t felt very good about myself lately so this is just what I need! Stay tuned until the end to see the amazing results! How will my boyfriend react to my new look? How will my best friend react to my new look? Should I go back and get more work done? Thank you for all the support.

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vvvv====My NEW video=====vvvv

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Shalome guys, I’m Piper Rockelle I’m a girl living my dream in Hollywood. On this channel we believe in entertainment, quality, family, fun, love, and good vibes. Here you can find me doing crazy challenges. Boyfriend challenges, crush challenges, 24 hour challenges, last to challenges, and more. Also I do DIYs, tutorials, make up, instagram videos. Normally I’m with an awesome friend, or crush, or boyfriend in my videos. Along with all this my videos are great for boys and girls of all ages, even adults! I hope I am able to make you laugh pr cheer up if you’re having a bad day.
DON’T forget to follow my Instagram @ PiperRockelle , there you can find more about me and my other passions in music and dance. I’m not only pursuing a career in social media and acting, I’m also going for dance and singing! Thank you guys because none of this would be possible with out you guys!!!

-Seven Day Weekend Performed By Piper Rockelle
Written By Andrew Lane/Mariah McBride/Piper Rockelle
Publisher Drew Right Music BMI
Produced By Andrew Lane
Co Produced By Miguel Palmero
Vocal Production Sean Royer
Master Owner Tiffany Smithvvvvv((MY NEW TOUR 2020))vvvvv




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Naomi Smith
Naomi Smith 6 minuta më parë
But I,m a MEGA FAN
Naomi Smith
Naomi Smith 7 minuta më parë
I,m scared for you
Dallas Martin
Dallas Martin 2 orë më parë
You are pretty in side and out
Emma 5 orë më parë
piper rockelle I love your vids
Lexus Hoyer
Lexus Hoyer 7 orë më parë
Shanelly Vargas
Shanelly Vargas 10 orë më parë
You. I piper look got d with out no make up she look pretty
Maya García
Maya García 11 orë më parë
Un, ☹️☹️☹️☹️
Jelaiaz Rosas
Jelaiaz Rosas 14 orë më parë
What. Wow. Birthday happy birthday today hope everyone is. Yay 😁. Zoo today and everyone today happy 😃
Sharly Shaffer
Sharly Shaffer 14 orë më parë
Tracie Young
Tracie Young 16 orë më parë
Hahaha piper you are so funny
Patricia Anna
Patricia Anna 21 orë më parë
Do not do it
Jacie Davenport
Jacie Davenport 22 orë më parë
Ainsley Hinson
Ainsley Hinson 22 orë më parë
Trinaty Black
Trinaty Black 22 orë më parë
Wait until a little longer THEN say it’s a prank
Tamika Francois
Tamika Francois Ditë më parë
Omg wow
Chenille greg
Chenille greg Ditë më parë
I would never get anything needles in me ever I might get a pering where I'm 18
Jemari abreu
Jemari abreu Ditë më parë
Your 13 sis chill
Little Queen Yaganya
Little Queen Yaganya Ditë më parë
wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i thought that you were like 18 but you are 13 when you said 13 i was like wait what i even searched on google and also no hate btw your videos are awesome your song videos i have seen it all and your pranks especially
Ann-gizelle Jansen
Ann-gizelle Jansen Ditë më parë
ho no
Dawn Jamil
Dawn Jamil Ditë më parë
Phew she is not actually doing it😂😂😂😂
Dawn Jamil
Dawn Jamil Ditë më parë
I feel like you are too young to do plastic surgery
Dawn Jamil
Dawn Jamil Ditë më parë
Phew I thought she was actually doing it😆😆
MilanleaYlianna Aienza
MilanleaYlianna Aienza Ditë më parë
she's 13...
Jophronia Alalea
Jophronia Alalea Ditë më parë
And my question is about will it bleed🤔
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith 2 ditë më parë
WTF omg
Mairon Lambrano
Mairon Lambrano 2 ditë më parë
Did lev no about this or did Emily know and tell le- oh I know. But did lev get curious oh he new now I get the hole video now😶‍🌫️😎😍😂🤣
Nicholas Tran
Nicholas Tran 2 ditë më parë
Evelyn of seven
Evelyn of seven 2 ditë më parë
Your so beautiful but whatever makes you happy makes me happy!
Angelo balbuena
Angelo balbuena 2 ditë më parë
If I was you nah nah nah not doing that
DreamDrista64 2 ditë më parë
This was posted on my sisters b-day! And also she is a really big fan!
charli wilcox
charli wilcox 3 ditë më parë
thats not cool
charli wilcox
charli wilcox 3 ditë më parë
im not a hater i wach your vidios every day you inspiered me to be nice and kind and now sence your doing this i dont belive in myself
A1iceex chan
A1iceex chan 3 ditë më parë
This is just wrong in every shape and form, god created you like that and you go and change how you look, its also disgusting these kids wanting to look good when society is just going to use them and throw them away like toys.
Savana Ntongo
Savana Ntongo 3 ditë më parë
Oh my God
Rachel 3 ditë më parë
piper: theres no pranks no challenges *2 mins later* piper: im going to be pranking my friends
Jamie Clark
Jamie Clark 3 ditë më parë
I don't get it Piper or is this a prank or or you're actually going to do it I'm kind of confused here
Camila Madrid
Camila Madrid 3 ditë më parë
I can’t piper is insecure about her nose yet all I see is a stunning and ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS girl. Love u piper 😚✌🏼
♡Dayana♡ 3 ditë më parë
You said it’s not a. Prank
fern _29 Munos
fern _29 Munos 3 ditë më parë
My sister is 13
Iamcali 3 ditë më parë
Omg guys stop the reason why piper turns off her comments is because of the hate it’s literally a prank and yes she may be 13 but so what she can do what she wants. LEAVE HER ALONE
Loago Phago
Loago Phago 3 ditë më parë
You inspire me and I love
Lorin Skipworth
Lorin Skipworth 3 ditë më parë
You don't need that I don't paper you look fine without it you look fine without makeup too
Cheyanne deHaan
Cheyanne deHaan 3 ditë më parë
Piper your beautiful just the way you are don't change
KAY F 3 ditë më parë
You now I love you soo much and any thing that makes you happy makes me but you don’t need makeup or Botox But it’s you choose
Kristine Cable
Kristine Cable 4 ditë më parë
She asks like 20!lol sorry no offense
Jess and Jamie
Jess and Jamie 4 ditë më parë
Jess and Jamie
Jess and Jamie 4 ditë më parë
You sad there is no pranking
piNa_meLon 4 ditë më parë
These pranks are going so far-
danny Fuentes
danny Fuentes 4 ditë më parë
hunter: your gonna look cuteee *edits in picture of nessa with hearts on her eyes* nobody: me: wtf-
mari 2 ditë më parë
@Sarah Indukuri 2:01
Sarah Indukuri
Sarah Indukuri 2 ditë më parë
wait time stamp?
The Four Funky Friends
The Four Funky Friends 4 ditë më parë
They get back to the car early and they actually are flirting lol
FishpondsJon 4 ditë më parë
frank to say later in spanish you say luego
Cali Gabrielson
Cali Gabrielson 4 ditë më parë
rida urooj
rida urooj 4 ditë më parë
i mean shes great her videos are nice but the pranks are just not funny
Tina Cumbee
Tina Cumbee 4 ditë më parë
That is so crazy
kidamy and liz
kidamy and liz 4 ditë më parë
29 ••~£
Polly 4 ditë më parë
Ages ago in one of your videos you said you’re turning 14
slime sisters
slime sisters 4 ditë më parë
ok if u wernt perfect lev wouldnt be with u
: D
: D 4 ditë më parë
Ayla Garnam
Ayla Garnam 4 ditë më parë
i saw this and i was like prank
Elida Servellon
Elida Servellon 4 ditë më parë
do you do it ?
Riley Peaches
Riley Peaches 4 ditë më parë
Emily’s acting tho
Emma Olivia
Emma Olivia 4 ditë më parë
How does no one who works at these places call the cops because there is a guy filming them during pranks where hunter is hiding
MuhammedShezin 5 ditë më parë
The Editor is the best damn /// probably the most important person behind the success of this channel
mimiシ 5 ditë më parë
you couldve just said in the title that its going to be a prank🕴
JAMES ETHERIDGE 5 ditë më parë
Rikke Østby
Rikke Østby 5 ditë më parë
Natalia Migliarese
Natalia Migliarese 5 ditë më parë
Omg you got me so good I thought you were seriously going to get it even if you did you look beautiful in both ways
jenifer Fereday
jenifer Fereday 5 ditë më parë
🪡 🩸
jenifer Fereday
jenifer Fereday 5 ditë më parë
OMG she rilly did get me in the start
Tim Puntillo
Tim Puntillo 5 ditë më parë
Shes only like what 14 or 13? Shes alr pretty hehe doesnt need plastic surgery to make herself even more "pretty"
Kay & Ken
Kay & Ken 5 ditë më parë
It was a PRANK!!!!! Lol
Aliya 5 ditë më parë
These girls are only like 13 or 14 but they act like they are 18-20 like I’m 15 and I don’t even wear makeup or high heels or even revealing clothes, like do their parents even know what their kids are doing?!
i love my puppy❤😘
i love my puppy❤😘 5 ditë më parë
I thought u were 14
Grace's Dance World is now at dance competition
Dhar mann: little girl gets plastic surgery, instanly regrets it
L and M Challenges
L and M Challenges 6 ditë më parë
Perfect Sisters
Perfect Sisters 6 ditë më parë
Please don’t do it
SHANE JULIA 6 ditë më parë
كم عمرها؟
Reham Taher
Reham Taher 6 ditë më parë
Hi piper 💞 I just wanted to say that I'm a huge fan of your work and I love you so much 💗
Ellina🎁 6 ditë më parë
Ellina🎁 6 ditë më parë
Tea Me
Tea Me 6 ditë më parë
I love Piper but I wish her videos were real and not just pranks she'd be more relatable and easy to watch that way
Keeleigh Christian
Keeleigh Christian 6 ditë më parë
Did hunter just swear at 10.16
Keeleigh Christian
Keeleigh Christian 6 ditë më parë
He swore at -4.43
walter1296 6 ditë më parë
How is this allowed tf where are her parents.
Iris Carlota
Iris Carlota 6 ditë më parë
Hi ALdesk doesn’t let me see Piper’s last vídeo is protecte with age certeficade. Can somoene help me.
iipeachxyii 6 ditë më parë
For a second I actually thought she was getting a facial-
Lumos 6 ditë më parë
They just leave the car unlock
Tanya Welcher
Tanya Welcher 6 ditë më parë
I just watched your video that said you was 12
Rachel Norwood
Rachel Norwood 6 ditë më parë
At first I didn’t think it was a prank But that’s a good prank it sounds painful
Leah Weatherby
Leah Weatherby 6 ditë më parë
Who else thought that piper was 16
Trin B
Trin B 7 ditë më parë
Love you so much ❤ piper
Avery Neve
Avery Neve 7 ditë më parë
i am so glad u did not do eny thank crazy cus u r butifl thee way u r
Cindy Roe
Cindy Roe 7 ditë më parë
Shamara Thompson
Shamara Thompson 7 ditë më parë
Me : I'm your biggest fan
Abigail Smythe
Abigail Smythe 7 ditë më parë
The needle is so big!
Abigail Smythe
Abigail Smythe 7 ditë më parë
Did you really do that to your face?
Syrayhia Thomas
Syrayhia Thomas 7 ditë më parë
To be honest they Post like every week so I don't know how they wanted think it's a prank but you know some people be forgetting and this just might be like for the kids or whatever not trying to crush anyone's dreams but I'll just trying to bring out the obvious 🙃 Edit: NO I'm not a hater😒
melody sohma
melody sohma 7 ditë më parë
this was boring
king kroniczzz
king kroniczzz 7 ditë më parë
Don't do that that scared me☹
Brooklynn White
Brooklynn White 8 ditë më parë
I think you are Beautiful how you look even no you do it you wold still look beautiful.
Faqja Tjeter
Aşk Mantık İntikam 5. Bölüm
Aşk Mantık İntikam 5. Bölüm